Amazonite Crystals: Meaning, Healing Properties, Uses, and Care

Amazonite, often known as the Stone of Courage and the Stone of Truth, empowers one to search for one’s own truths and integrity. It provides the freedom to express one’s thoughts and feelings, and it harmonizes behavior with what one understands. Additionally, Amazonite beckons the wearer to adventure, leadership, and wisdom.

What is Amazonite?

Amazonite is a vibrant blue-green crystal with soothing energy and healing properties. It is a type of microcline feldspar and appears most commonly in shades ranging from bright green to aqua blue. This gemstone primarily forms in Russia’s Ilmen Mountains, but it can also form in Brazil, Ethiopia, and the United States. Its unique coloration is due to the presence of lead and water within its feldspar structure.

Amazonite on a table
Marco Hazard from Hong Kong, Hong Kong, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Historically, people have been using this stone in jewelry and as a decorative material, including the Egyptians and Mesopotamians. These civilizations treasured this stone for its beauty and spiritual qualities, enhancing communication and blocking negative energy.

The Empowering and Harmonizing Gemstone

Amazonite is valuable not only for its striking beauty but also for its ability to connect the heart and throat chakras. This connection fosters clear and heartfelt communication, making this stone an excellent choice for those who find it difficult to express their emotions or thoughts.

Furthermore, this stone has close links to the elements of water and the moon. These connections enhance its soothing and balancing properties, aiding users in achieving emotional clarity and inner peace. As a result, it promotes tranquility and supports meditation, making it a powerful tool for spiritual growth and self-exploration.

Amazonite Meaning and Properties

Amazonite is renowned for its striking turquoise hue and its profound connection to personal truth and inner harmony. This beautiful gemstone offers both aesthetic charm and powerful metaphysical properties, including promoting communication, soothing energies, and spiritual growth. It helps one align with authentic actions and words, facilitating a deeper understanding of oneself and one’s surroundings. Whether you use it in meditation or therapy or simply wear it as jewelry, this stone provides support in achieving balance and tranquility in life.

Amazonite Meaning

Amazonite carries a powerful energy that symbolizes truth, honor, communication, integrity, and trust. This gemstone encourages one to be truthful to oneself and to others, promoting clear and sincere interactions. The name Amazonite comes from the Amazon River, where it was first thought to be found, though these green stones in the Amazon likely were not Amazonite. Nevertheless, the stone captures the essence of the bold and powerful river.

Furthermore, in metaphysical beliefs, this is a stone of open-mindedness and rationality. For example, it awakens a sense of adventure and courage, inspiring users to take on new challenges with a calm and composed mindset. This stone is particularly useful for those looking to recover their own truths and broaden their perspectives.

Amazonite Energy Color

Amazonite showcases a captivating shade of turquoise or aqua, embodying the refreshing and revitalizing energy of water. This color represents the tranquility, healing, and life-giving properties of water, making it a symbol of vitality and renewal. Moreover, the turquoise shade of this crystal fosters emotional healing and brings peace to the spirit.

Additionally, this mesmerizing color aligns with the throat chakra, which is the center of communication. It encourages honest and clear expression of thoughts and feelings. The energy of the blue-green hue helps to balance emotions, providing a soothing effect on the mind and body.

Furthermore, the energy color of this stone is sometimes associated with the heart chakra, linking the emotional balance with the ability to love. By activating these chakras, Amazonite facilitates the harmonious expression of what resides deeply within one’s heart, enhancing relationships and self-expression.

Amazonite Healing Properties and Benefits

Amazonite is renowned for its soothing properties that help to calm the brain and nervous system. It aids in maintaining optimal health, aligning the physical body with the etheric, thus facilitating a state of general well-being. This stone also assists in balancing the masculine and feminine energies, helping to dissipate negativity and aggravations.

Emotionally, this stone is a wonderful healer. For instance, it soothes emotional trauma, alleviating worry and fear, and it directs anger and irritation into a more positive action. It encourages one to take charge of one’s own life and connect to one’s inner power.

Spiritually, Amazonite increases one’s compassion and empathy. It empowers one to manifest universal love and enhances communication concerning love in one’s relationships. By doing so, it promotes deeper connections and a more empathetic understanding among individuals.

Amazonite Uses & Metaphysical Properties

Amazonite is highly regarded in various spiritual and healing practices. People often use it in meditation to help soothe the mind and direct their focus towards inner peace. It is also popular in jewelry for its aesthetic and metaphysical qualities, shielding the wearer from negativity and electromagnetic pollution.

Moreover, this stone is great in crystal therapy for balancing energy, enhancing harmony, and supporting recovery from illnesses. Its calming effect is especially beneficial in reducing stress and tension, which can help in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and enhancing personal growth.

Geological Properties

Amazonite is a type of microcline feldspar and possesses a triclinic crystal system. Its distinctive color ranges from green to blue-green, primarily due to trace amounts of lead and water in its feldspar structure. Commonly forming in granitic rocks, this stone is sourced from various parts of the world, including Colorado in the United States, Brazil, and Russia. Its hardness makes it durable for various uses, particularly in jewelry.

Amazonite in History and Culture

Historical Significance of Amazonite

Amazonite has been a subject of admiration throughout history, from ancient Egypt to Mesopotamia, often being a part of jewelry, amulets, and decorative elements in significant architectural works. The ancient Egyptians, in particular, valued this stone highly, believing it to be a symbol of fertility and good fortune. For example, pharaohs often included Amazonite objects in their tombs to ensure prosperity and good health in the afterlife. 

Other cultures also used this stone as a talisman for healing and protection. Overall, the stone’s soothing energy dispels negative energy and enhances communication, making it a valuable asset in negotiations or conflicts. Its use spread across continents, indicating its widespread acceptance and value as a powerful and protective stone.

Deities Associated with Amazonite

Amazonite has links to several deities across different cultures, primarily due to its nurturing and protective qualities. For example, in Norse mythology, it symbolizes the goddess Freya, who presides over love, beauty, and fertility. The stone’s calming shades of blue and green reflect Freya’s attributes of harmony and balance.

Additionally, in Hindu culture, this stone has connections to Vishnu, the preserver and protector of the universe. The stone’s protective qualities align with Vishnu’s role in maintaining order and peace. Its tranquil energy helps to calm the mind and spirit, fostering environments of safety and serenity.

Furthermore, in indigenous American traditions, this stone has been blessed by the earth goddess Gaia. It is a part of various spiritual ceremonies to attract healing energies from the earth, promoting health, prosperity, and protection among the community members.

Amazonite Shapes and Forms


This stone is often shaped into cabochons, a style of cut popular for its ability to highlight the stone’s deep, vibrant color and lustrous sheen. These smooth, rounded cuts are ideal for setting in jewelry, such as rings, pendants, and bracelets, allowing the stone’s soothing energy to be easily worn and felt.

Raw Stones

Raw Amazonite is in demand because of its natural and rugged beauty. This form is great for decorative items and architectural elements, providing a touch of natural elegance. Collectors and practitioners of crystal healing also seek raw stones for its unpolished energies, which are more potent in general.


Amazonite beads are a favorite for creating healing jewelry. They are great for necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, providing constant contact with the skin, which maximizes the stone’s healing properties. These beads combine functionality with aesthetic appeal, making them a popular choice in spiritual and fashion contexts.


Craftsmen often carve Amazonite into intricate figures and symbols, which are great for spiritual practices or as decorative items. The carvings might depict animals, gods, or symbols, each adding a layer of meaning and intent to the stone’s inherent properties.


Amazonite spheres are not only beautiful to look at; they also serve as powerful tools in meditation and healing. The spherical shape emits energy equally in all directions, creating a balanced and calming atmosphere conducive to spiritual practices.

Tumbled Stones

Tumbled Amazonite stones are small, polished pieces that are smooth to the touch. These stones are perfect for carrying in one’s pocket or placing under a pillow, as they provide gentle energy and promote healing and protection throughout the day.

Amazonite Varieties and Quality

Different Types of Amazonite

Beautiful Cabochon
Fennefoss geomuseum, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Amazonite is a versatile gemstone that comes in several varieties, each unique in its specific shade and pattern. The classic type is a bright turquoise or blue-green, which is the most famous variety. This variety often features white streaks or a grid-like pattern, adding to its visual appeal. Another popular type is the Russian Amazonite, famous for its deep, forest-green color and fine texture. This variety is rarer and more valuable.

Additionally, there is a less common but equally beautiful variety, the Colorado Amazonite, which exhibits a lighter, almost pastel blue-green color. This type typically forms in the Rocky Mountains of the United States and has a unique soft hue and smooth texture. Each type of this stone has its own charm and specific energetic properties, catering to different aesthetic and metaphysical needs.

Factors Affecting Amazonite Quality

Several factors can influence the quality of the stone, including color, clarity, cut, and origin. Color is the most significant factor, with vibrant, evenly distributed coloration being highly preferred. Clarity also plays a crucial role; stones with fewer inclusions and more transparency are considered of higher quality. The cut of the gemstone should enhance its natural beauty and color without exposing any flaws.

Origin is another critical factor, as Amazonites from certain locations, like Russia or Colorado, can be more highly valuable due to their unique color traits and the conditions under which they formed. Together, these factors determine the overall quality and value of Amazonite stones in the market.

How to Choose High-Quality Amazonite

When choosing high-quality Amazonite, it is important to examine the stone closely. Look for a vibrant, consistent color that appeals to your aesthetic preferences. The surface should be free from any visible cracks or inclusions, which can affect the stone’s durability and appearance. 

Handling the stone can also provide insights; a smooth finish and substantial feel suggest a well-cut and polished stone. Researching sellers and their sources can also ensure that you are getting a genuine, high-quality piece. Purchasing from reputable dealers who provide certifications of authenticity is always recommended to ensure the quality of your stone.

Amazonite Birthstone, Zodiac Sign, and Chakras

Amazonite Birthstone

This stone is not traditionally a birthstone in modern lists, but it can symbolize the zodiac sign Virgo. It brings its soothing and communicative energies to those born under this sign, enhancing harmony and self-expression. Moreover, this stone is a good gift for anyone celebrating their 19th wedding anniversary, as it symbolizes longevity and harmony.

Amazonite Zodiac Sign

Virgo zodiac sign
National Bank of Belarus, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

While Amazonite is particularly associated with Virgo, it is also beneficial for anyone seeking to enhance communication and emotional balance. Its soothing energy calms the spirit and reduces stress, making it suitable for anyone regardless of zodiac sign. Its universal qualities of promoting truth and understanding make it a valuable stone for interpersonal relationships and self-reflection.

What Chakra does Amazonite help?

This stone is primarily connected to the throat chakra, which governs communication and expression. By aligning and clearing this chakra, Amazonite facilitates honest and clear communication of one’s thoughts and feelings. It is also beneficial for the heart chakra, as it encourages emotional healing and the expression of love.

Balancing these chakras promotes not only better communication with others but also an increased sense of inner peace and self-acceptance. By harmonizing these energy centers, Amazonite can help one achieve a greater sense of balance and well-being in all areas of life.

How to Use Amazonite

Feelings and Emotional Healing

Amazonite is an excellent tool for emotional healing, as it soothes the emotional processes and alleviates worry and fear. By allowing the release of toxic emotions, this stone encourages one to move beyond the judgment of others and to live in alignment with one’s true self. This gemstone’s energy supports the wearer in overcoming loneliness and making emotional transitions smoother and less painful.

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Furthermore, its calming properties help manage stress and emotional turmoil. It is particularly useful in times of emotional distress, as it provides supportive energy that promotes a sense of hope and reassurance. This makes it easier to maintain emotional balance during challenging times, fostering resilience and emotional strength.


For the mind, this stone is a beacon of clarity and calm. It helps filter out stress and heal traumas, stabilizing the intellect and keeping it in alignment with the emotional body. By calming the mind, Amazonite aids in maintaining focus, making it easier to see different points of view and understand complex situations without feeling overwhelmed.

Additionally, its energy shields against negative thoughts and aggravation. People who use this stone find that it promotes rational perception, facilitates clear thinking, and enhances problem-solving capabilities. It’s particularly beneficial for students and those in demanding intellectual roles.


In physical healing, this stone has a broad rejuvenating effect on the cellular level. It aids in calcium absorption, making it beneficial for dental and skeletal health. By supporting the body’s healing processes, Amazonite can also assist in recovering from illness or injury, promoting faster healing and vitality.


Spiritually, Amazonite enhances one’s connection to the divine by attuning the soul to its purest expression. It encourages one to engage in the inner journey, fostering a deep sense of peace and spiritual insight. This stone assists in manifesting universal love and enhances spiritual growth by clearing away negative energies and elevating one’s consciousness.

Wearing Amazonite

Wearing this stone in jewelry is one of the most effective ways to continuously benefit from its energies. It is commonly crafted into beads for bracelets, necklaces, or earrings, which not only serve as beautiful accessories but also provide direct contact with the skin, allowing its energies to be absorbed easily.

Moreover, wearing this stone can help shield one from electromagnetic pollution and other environmental stressors. This makes it especially valuable in today’s digital age, where exposure to electronic devices is frequent.

Amazonite At Home

Placing this stone in the home can create a peaceful and rejuvenating environment. Its soothing energy is ideal for areas where relaxation or emotional conversations take place, such as living rooms or bedrooms. By harmonizing the home’s energy, Amazonite fosters a feeling of balance and calm within the space.

Amazonite At Work

Using this stone at work can help in maintaining a calm, stress-free environment. It encourages communication and supports problem-solving. Keeping this stone on your desk or in a common area can aid in reducing workplace conflicts and enhancing teamwork.

Meditation with Amazonite

Incorporating this stone into meditation enhances the practice by deepening the state of relaxation and promoting a powerful sense of peace. It helps in aligning the physical and etheric bodies, which enhances spiritual insight and clarity during meditation.

People and Relationships

Amazonite is beneficial in personal relationships as it promotes empathy and balanced communication. It helps in understanding different points of view, facilitating deeper discussions, and resolving conflicts in a calm and supportive manner.

Amazonite Crystal Therapies

In crystal therapy, this stone can balance the chakras and enhance the flow of life energy. It is particularly effective in treatments focused on emotional healing and communication, helping to resolve blockages and restore harmony to the body’s energy system.

Amazonite Crystal Combinations

Paired with Other Crystals

You can pair Amazonite with various crystals to harness different energies and properties, enriching its natural healing and protective qualities. The right combination can create synergies that target specific needs such as enhanced protection, emotional healing, or spiritual development.

Amazonite and Rose Quartz

Combining this stone with Rose Quartz brings together the energies of love and communication. Rose Quartz, famous as the stone of universal love, enhances the nurturing and soothing properties of Amazonite, fostering an environment of empathy and compassion. This combination is excellent for improving relationships and encouraging peace and love in one’s surroundings.

Additionally, Rose Quartz helps to open the heart chakra, which, in combination with Amazonite’s influence on the throat chakra, can facilitate more heartfelt and effective communication. This pairing is especially beneficial for those looking to deepen connections and enhance emotional expression in relationships.

Amazonite and Lapis Lazuli

Together with Lapis Lazuli, Amazonite amplifies its truth-seeking qualities. Lapis Lazuli, a stone of wisdom and awareness, enhances the wearer’s ability to connect with their inner truth and communicate it effectively. This combination encourages honesty and self-awareness, making it powerful for personal development and spiritual growth.

Moreover, Lapis Lazuli stimulates the third eye chakra, which complements the Amazonite’s work with the throat and heart chakras, creating a bridge between the heart’s desires and the mind’s wisdom. This alignment can be particularly transformative in decision-making and personal reflection.

Amazonite and Amethyst

Combining Amazonite with Amethyst creates a calming and protective energy that is beneficial for both the physical and spiritual realms. Amethyst’s properties of enhancing intuition and spiritual connection complement Amazonite’s soothing effect on the mind and emotions.

This pairing is particularly effective for meditation, as amethyst enhances mental clarity and spiritual insight, while Amazonite promotes emotional peace and balance. Together, they create a peaceful sanctuary that supports deeper spiritual exploration and higher states of consciousness.

Amazonite and Labradorite

This stone, combined with Labradorite, enhances the wearer’s ability to tap into intuitive and mystical energies. Labradorite, known for its protective and mystical qualities, helps to shield the aura while enhancing psychic abilities. This combination is ideal for those engaging in spiritual practices or seeking to connect more deeply with their spiritual guides.

Labradorite’s ability to promote insight and Amazonite’s calming influence makes this pairing excellent for exploring new dimensions of consciousness and understanding deeper spiritual truths. It can also help in managing transitions by providing both grounding and visionary energies.

Amazonite and Smoky Quartz

Pairing this stone with Smoky Quartz offers grounding and detoxifying effects, making it a strong combination for emotional and environmental cleansing. Smoky Quartz, known for its ability to neutralize negative energies and detoxify on all levels, complements Amazonite’s soothing properties by providing a strong grounding influence.

Overall, this combination is particularly beneficial in stressful environments, helping to maintain a clear and calm mind while detoxifying the surrounding energy. It’s ideal for those needing to remain balanced in challenging circumstances.

Amazonite Care and Maintenance

How to Care for Amazonite

Amazonite in hand
Rob Lavinsky, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Caring for this stone involves protecting it from harsh chemicals and physical impacts, as it is relatively soft compared to other gemstones. Store it separately or in a soft pouch to avoid scratches from harder stones. Avoid exposing it to extreme temperatures and harsh cleaning agents that can damage its surface or alter its vibrant color.

How to Cleanse Amazonite

To cleanse this stone, you can use lukewarm water and a mild soap. Gently scrub the stone with a soft brush or cloth to remove any accumulated debris. After cleaning, rinse it thoroughly to remove any soap residue and pat it dry with a soft cloth. It’s essential to cleanse your stone regularly to maintain its energy and luster.

How to Program Amazonite

Programming this stone involves setting intentions or specific energies you wish the stone to hold. Hold it in your hand, clear your mind, and focus on your intention. You might visualize your goal or repeat a mantra that encapsulates your intention. This process helps align the stone’s energy with your personal or spiritual aspirations.

Can Amazonite go in Water?

You can place it in water for short periods for cleansing purposes, but it should not be left in water long-term. Prolonged exposure can weaken the stone’s structure and lead to discoloration or erosion, especially if the water is chemically treated or has a high mineral content.

Can Amazonite be in the Sun?

It is advisable to avoid prolonged exposure of this stone to direct sunlight. While occasional exposure is generally safe, extended periods can cause the stone’s vibrant color to fade. Keeping Amazonite out of direct sunlight will help preserve its color and vibrancy for years to come.

How to Polish Amazonite

To polish this stone, use a soft, non-abrasive cloth and a mild polish that does not contain any harsh chemicals. Gently rub the surface of the stone in a circular motion to enhance its natural shine. It’s important to be gentle to prevent any scratches or damage to the stone.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can Amazonite benefit me emotionally? 

This stone is known for its calming and soothing properties, making it ideal for emotional healing. It helps manage stress, reduce anxiety, and promote emotional balance by soothing the nervous system and aligning the chakras.

Is Amazonite suitable for everyday wear?

Yes, you can wear it daily as it is relatively durable, but you should handle it with care to avoid scratches or impacts. Regular cleansing and proper storage will help maintain its appearance and energetic qualities.

Can Amazonite help with meditation?

This is an excellent stone for meditation as it promotes a deep state of relaxation and enhances spiritual insights. It helps clear the mind and balance the energy centers, facilitating a more profound meditative experience.

Are there any special considerations when storing Amazonite?

This stone should be stored separately from harder gemstones to prevent scratches. For example, you can keep it in a soft cloth pouch or a jewelry box with a soft lining to protect its surface.

How often should I cleanse my Amazonite stone? 

Cleansing it once a month or after extensive use is recommended to clear any accumulated energies and to maintain its healing properties. Regular cleansing ensures that it continues to function at its best energetically.

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