The Queen of Swords – Speak Your Truth

The Queen of Swords is an astute lady, having earned her crown for her sharp wisdom and intellect. She is clever, witty, and knowledgeable, and most of all, she loves sharing her knowledge with those around her. 

It’s good knowledge, too, that she has carefully considered from all angles and researched from wide-ranging sources. You can trust that she knows what she’s talking about. She has an insatiable thirst for knowledge, and she is able to articulate what she knows with eloquence. 

The Queen of Swords combines the mental clarity and intellectual prowess of the suit of Swords with the maturity and receptiveness of her feminine, alluring, regal energy. She is capable, dignified, and always in perfect control of herself.  

She is discerning, unbiased, and wise. You can always count on her to tell you honestly how it is. Above all else, she respects authenticity and lives by her commitment to finding the truth. 

This perceptive queen sees through to the heart of the matter and cuts through any nonsense to restore balance. She is open to input but doesn’t tolerate fools or those who allow their passions to rule them. She uses her head and doesn’t allow herself to be swayed by emotions or fleeting desires, preferring to focus resolutely on what she knows to be real and true. 

Key themes for the Queen of Swords include independence, clarity, truthfulness, judgment, setting up boundaries, cutting out waste, teaching, guiding, and having clear intentions. 

When the Queen of Swords shows up, it is time to be honest and forthright and ask the same of others. 

You have what it takes to make a good impression so step forward with confidence and authority. You can be wise, intelligent, and shrewd, ensuring you achieve your goals by focusing on the facts and weighing up the evidence. 

Whatever situation you are facing, you can take control and be triumphant. Have courage and determination, and don’t give up.

The Queen of Swords Keywords and General Associations

Keywords: Clever, astute, communication, honest, outspoken, bold, captivating, intelligent.

Element: Air

Planet: Venus (also Uranus)

Zodiac Sign: Libra (can also be Gemini or Aquarius)

Detailed Description of the Queen of Swords Card

Queen of Swords
Pamela Colman Smith, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

The Queen of Swords is seated on her throne, with her sword held upright in her right hand. Her left hand is raised as if to gesture or receive, and her face is stony and expressionless. Her throne is decorated lavishly with cherubs and butterflies, showing she is flexible and spiritually protected. 

She wears a blue cape garnished with clouds, symbolizing her connection to the throat chakra and truth. In the background, heavy clouds begin to gather and we see the trees moving in the wind, indicating that change is on the horizon. 

Meaning of the Queen of Swords

The Queen of Swords is an older, wiser feminine figure. She is often called the most masculine of the four queens, and she gives off an air of being stern and lacking emotion. This is because she makes decisions based on reason and examines the facts carefully before committing herself.

She is not totally lacking in compassion, but she is not ruled by her emotions, preferring to help people by guiding, teaching, and enlightening them to see the truth for themselves.  Her main meaning is to focus on logic, and lead from the head rather than the heart, as too much sentimentality may cloud your judgement. 

In readings, she often represents being unbiased, conducting research, using your intellectual prowess, and having access to specialist knowledge. She can also represent speaking your truth and holding fast to your principles and morals. 

If the Queen of Swords is another person in your reading, it shows someone standing in their truth and authenticity. This person may be a powerful ally, a mentor, guide, or leader, and they will be fair, just and outspoken. They may be someone you can turn to for help, and they could even be a professional or expert who can help you untangle any confusion. 

As an outcome in a reading, the Queen of Swords is an indication of making good decisions based on the situation. It encourages you to stand up for what you believe and know to be true, and says not to be swayed by sentiment or others’ opinions. Trust yourself. 

When the Queen of Swords lands in the past position, the foundation of your situation is rooted in a choice you made that seemed wise at the time.

Interpretation of the Queen of Swords

Tarot card reading

In the upright, the Queen of Swords is an older feminine in a position of authority. Usually well respected, she is admired for her knowledge, powers of discernment and reasoning abilities. 

Upright Queen of Swords


The Queen of Swords suggests that you have the ability to tell it like it is. You are honest, highly perceptive, and can smell others’ deception from a mile off. You are forthright, and direct, and others respect you for your bravado and candour. You do not ‘beat about the bush’ or mince your words, preferring to stick to truth, and facts, and you are not interested in sentimentality. 

The Queen of Swords can sometimes suggest sadness or pain that is buried or repressed. Although she enjoys lively and witty conversation, she can be extremely private when it comes to her own heart and deeper emotions, and she rarely if ever loses her cool. 

Love and Relationships

The Queen of Swords might show up in a love reading because you, a partner, or a potential suitor are ready for communication. Perhaps there is something you need to discuss, or there could be a complex matter to deal with, if you are in an established partnership already. 

If you are single, the Queen of Swords suggests discernment as you navigate your options in the dating arena. Look at people’s actions rather than their words, and take the time to get to know new people properly before giving away your heart. 

Queen of Swords as a suitor is someone clever, interesting, and talkative. They appreciate long conversations about complex topics, and they love sharing ideas and discussing new concepts. It may take them some time to warm up emotionally, but don’t write them off too quick. Once you get to know each other, they will warm up and the banter will flow between you. 

The Queen of Swords can be a loner, as she is often extremely picky about the company she keeps. With her piercing intellect and razor-sharp discernment, she can even appear intimidating to some lesser mortals, or those who don’t know her very well. Once you get to know her better, she will warm up and reveal her softer side. 

Career and Creativity

In a career reading the Queen of Swords can be a manager, boss, or authority figure or they can represent you or your career itself, depending on the spread and position. 

As a senior to you, they are likely someone wise, honest, fair, and just. They may help you progress by offering constructive criticism and feedback, or they might help by providing wise career advice or tips on how to get ahead. They are likely someone you can trust, and look up to, and they might even stand up for or defend you if the situation calls for it. 

If the Queen of Swords is you, you might be levelling up professionally or undertaking new routes of formal education, training or study that will help you move up the career ladder. You could be leading on projects, bringing teams together, or researching new ideas. You will be using your intellect and rationale to make sound business decisions that lead to growth. 

Personal Growth

The Queen of Swords is an independent lady who knows her own mind, and is always willing to listen to reason. She has firm boundaries and is not swayed by popular opinion, preferring to rely on her own lazer-sharp discernment and 20/20 vision to look forward. 

She is usually not someone you want to mess with, as she has solid boundaries and an uncanny knack for seeing the truth of situations, as well as people’s hidden motives. She relies heavily on her instincts and discernment, and is able to stand her ground if threatened. 

Reversed Queen of Swords

In reverse position, the Queen of Swords suggests you may be allowing your emotions to overly influence your decisions. Likewise, perhaps you have been too logical, and analytical, or perhaps you are simply too caught up in a situation and need to step back to gain perspective. 


The reverse Queen of Swords can be cruel, and cutting with her words, so make sure you are tempering your insight with tact and understanding. There is nothing wrong with being direct, but sometimes people need encouragement and empathy or time to catch up. 

It may be that there is something else clouding your vision. Perhaps you don’t have all the facts yet, or information may be missing. You may need more time, or research, before deciding how to proceed. Someone else might be affecting your confidence with their observations, or they might be trying to influence you with negativity. 

At times, the reversed Queen of Swords can come across as gossipy, bitchy, cold, detached, or uncertain of herself. If you are dealing with someone like this, stand your ground and don’t allow yourself to feel intimidated. 

Love and Relationships

A reversed Queen of Swords can be bitter, condescending, critical, and calculated in their actions. This could be you, your partner, or a potential love interest, depending on the position in the reading. 

It could be that you or your partner are not on the same page right now, and misunderstandings might be affecting your bond. One of you may feel that you are being unfairly judged for your actions, or there may be questions of honesty, loyalty,  or issues with opening up about feelings. 

If you are single, you might feel restricted by past experiences, such as a traumatic breakup, so take some time to heal and work on forgiving yourself and others. Don’t hold on to negative thoughts or hurt from the past, and allow time for unsteady feelings to settle down. 

What you can do;

  • Set boundaries and agree clear expectations with others so you are not disappointed
  • Step back from emotional situations and allow time and space to bring perspective
  • Communicate clearly with others and explain if you need more information

Career and Creativity

In a career reading, the Queen of Swords reversed can indicate someone who has it in for you, perhaps someone critical and demanding that makes you feel diminished and inferior. It could be a boss, or colleague, or a customer that you find difficult to work with and you may feel powerless or intimidated by this person’s harsh appraisal of you. 

It will be important to ensure you are following procedure and documenting your actions. Perhaps you need to learn how to stand up for yourself, or defend your ideas, or clear up any confusion. Communication may be important, so think about how best to get your point across, and make sure you have all the facts straight before acting. 

What you can do;

  • Work on creating a supportive culture and environment where everyone has a chance to shine
  • Remain professional at all times and don’t let others intimidate you
  • Step away from any conflict and take some deep breaths

Comparing and Contrasting the Queen of Swords With Two Different Court Cards

Different court cards can give us another level of information on situations, especially when paired with the Queen of Swords. They can uncover delicate nuances and provide better insight into who is who. Together, they uncover new information that helps put the pieces together. 

Compared with the Knight of Cups

Knight of Cups
Pamela Colman Smith, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

The Queen of Swords is a feminine, airy energy who is confident, self-assured, and logical. She makes her decisions based on intellect, and doesn’t allow her judgement to be clouded by emotions. 

The Knight of Cups is a masculine energy of feelings, longing, and emotion. He is given to take action based on what he feels in his heart, guided by his intuition and inner voice.

The Queen of Swords can learn from the Knight of Cups to let her emotions play a greater role in how she deals with others. She can then moderate her tendency to hold back feelings. The Knight of Cups can also learn from her how to use more discernment and logic, helping him to avoid getting hurt by being over-optimistic based on how he feels in the moment. 

Compared with the Page of Swords

Page of Swords
Pamela Colman Smith, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

The Page and Queen of Swords come from the same suit, representing the element of Air which is  thoughts, learning, communication, and planning. However, they are miles apart in their development, with the Page being young, inexperienced, and tender. The Queen stands in her truth and power, using her vast knowledge and experience to make shrewd decisions. 

The Page usually represents starting out, something new, or a flash of inspiration. It can represent growth in a new direction, or the beginnings of a new approach. Compared with the Queen, it could represent a teacher/student dynamic, a mentor, parent, or authority figure who has much to teach.  

The Queen of Swords in Specific Readings

As with all tarot cards, the Queen of Swords can have different meanings depending on its position in the spread and the question asked. 

Yes-no readings

If you are asking the cards about a choice or decision, the Queen of Swords represents a tentative ‘yes’. She promotes logic, reason, and diplomacy. She advises you to take time to consider the pros and cons of all decisions, and weigh up the facts.

The Queen of Swords suggests success can be attained by staying in your integrity, having high standards, and displaying confidence in yourself. She can also indicate a need for patience, self-control, and discernment and taking the time to see things clearly for what they are. 

Love readings

You might be looking for independence and autonomy alongside your partnership desires. Perhaps you value your solitude and space or perhaps you need a partner that can meet you on an intellectual level and match your stunning wit and insight. 

Maybe you have a complex issue to work through, one that requires you to research and gather evidence or information, or perhaps you have a big decision to make that requires careful consideration. You might be feeling practical and business-like, and this could be because you have lots to sort through before deciding on a plan of action. 

If this is someone you are interested in romantically, you may have to be prepared to settle in for the long game. This person probably isn’t overly demonstrative, and they can be cool and restrained. You can still win their heart, by being consistent, honest, and patient as the Queen of Swords doesn’t let her guard down easily. 

Work readings

In a work setting, the Queen of Swords indicates foresight, planning, information systems, leadership, professionalism, and integrity. You could be leading on a project, advising others, or setting up new systems that will enhance performance. 

You may also be called to lead with your superior knowledge and experience. Perhaps you will be getting people on the same page, sharing your insight, or training others. You will be well respected and admired for your direct approach and sound decisions. 

Key Card Combinations

Often we can obtain more insight on the nuances of a situation by combining cards with another for more depth and understanding. As with all tarot combinations, the Queen of Swords with Six of Pentacles and Ace of Cups work together to uncover different layers of insight. 

Combined with the Six of Pentacles

The Queen of Swords paired with the Six of Pentacles offers insight about give and take in relationships, equality, and fairness. It could indicate charity, philanthropy or giving someone a helping hand. The combination suggests an equal give and take, and supporting others, perhaps financially or materially, or in a practical way. 

Combined with the Ace of Cups

With the Ace of Cups, the Queen of Swords may be someone having an epiphany about their style of relating. It could indicate a new love interest, self-love, a child, or pet, that leads to a softening and opening up of the heart space, and new outlook that is more caring, joyous, and emotionally responsive. 

Frequently Asked Questions about the Queen of Swords

How Can The Queen of Swords Help Me Get Ahead?

The Queen of Swords advises that you can get ahead by avoiding being too dependent on others. Do not place too much confidence in promises others have made, instead rely on your own ambitions and aspirations to avoid being let down or disappointed.

The Queen of Swords is intelligent, wise, and able to communicate her needs clearly. She has a strong sense of self worth and never compromises her integrity. She encourages you to stand firm in your beliefs and trust that you have the wisdom to move toward success.

What Does Queen of Swords Mean for My Love Life?

The Queen of Swords is not the most romantic card in the tarot deck, indeed she is often seen as a widow, divorcee or single woman. She can indicate someone who has known pain and disappointment, which is why she keeps her guard up, at least at first. 

However she is strong and wise, and once she has made her mind up, she sticks to it. She can fall in love, but only where there is clear communication, an intellectual bond, and solid boundaries. Take your time and enjoy the process of getting to know each other.

Is Reversed Queen of Swords a Warning?

Reversed Queen of Swords can warn against rash decisions, a haughty attitude, or being mean to others. She can also warn of cutting yourself off from others, being overly emotional, or not considering all the facts. 

She can also warn that someone in your environment is not being kind towards you, especially if they are in a position of authority. She might warn you need to defend yourself, or stand your ground.

What Does Queen of Swords Represent?

Queen of Swords often represents a person who is committed to ‘doing the work’. That might be shadow work, introspection, self-analysis or deep healing. She is a no-nonsense individual who always stands true to her beliefs and morals. She is not a pushover or someone who is easily manipulated and she upholds firm standards of justice, morality, and righteousness. 

The Queen of Swords is a truth-seeker. She is open to hearing the thoughts and opinions of others, but she will always go with her own appraisal of the situation. She loves to teach, and guide others, and share her information and she can be witty, lively, talkative, and inspirational.

Conclusion on the Queen of Swords

You will notice that there are no flies buzzing around the Queen of Swords. This is because her lazer-sharp discernment keeps those with underhand or nefarious tactics well away, as she is much too sharp to be tricked or bamboozled by anyone with dubious motives. 

She keeps her information and sources close to her chest, and plays the long game of analysing all information carefully before making her move. She interacts well with others, but keeps them at a distance until they have proved themselves trustworthy. 

You will always know where you stand with her, as she is upfront and truthful, and she has high standards and impeccable morals, preferring to lead by example and demonstrate her competence and business acumen based on results. Astute, sharp, quick-witted, and forthright, she quickly takes control of situations and straightens them out. 

In readings, the Queen of Swords asks you to emulate her style and sense of justice. Ask yourself honestly if you are being fair, truthful, overly serious, or considerate. Are you looking at the full picture before agreeing or deciding anything? Do you know what’s really going on? 

The Queen of Swords wants to inspire you to live in your authentic truth. You probably have so much to offer, with all your experience of life, so walk tall with pride and own your style. Queen of Swords says I am a badass, and you can be one too.

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