The Knight of Swords – Man on a Mission

The Knight of Swords is one of the fastest movers of the tarot. He uses the power of his intellect to achieve his goals, and once he knows what he wants, there is no stopping him. 

Like a man on a mission, the Knight of Swords has no time to lose as he forges ahead with the courage of his convictions. He is highly motivated, ambitious, and action-orientated, leaving no stone unturned in his quest for truth, knowledge, and success. 

This brave knight is quick to take action, and moves into gear without much thought or planning, relying on his sharp instincts and sheer strength of will to overcome obstacles and achieve glory. He is assertive, quick-thinking, and adaptable, making him an ideal companion when you want to get the job done. 

He represents ambition, motivation, collaboration, assertiveness, and sheer force of will. He is a formidable type of guy and encourages you to go after what you desire with gusto. Show determination and what you want will soon be yours. 

Key themes for the Knight of Swords include change, new opportunities, jumping in, directness, rebellion, bravery, focus, single-minded determination, taking risks, forward planning, and unbridled ambition. 

When the Knight of Swords shows up, it often signifies a time of change, fighting for a cause, making your point or standing your ground with conviction. You could find yourself taking hasty action or making swift decisions in the spur of the moment. 

You might be facing a challenging situation, or soon will be, one that requires you to summon all your strength and enter the fray, like a warrior ready for battle. 

Whatever situation you are facing, you can dive in and achieve a victory.  All you have to do is believe in yourself and seize the moment. 

The Knight of Swords Keywords and General Associations

Keywords: Success, action, fast-thinking, direct, assertive, impatient, daring, camaraderie. 

Element: Air

Planet: Mercury

Zodiac Sign: Gemini (can also be Libra or Aquarius)

Detailed Description of the Knight of Swords Card

Knight of Swords
Pamela Colman Smith, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

The Knight of Swords tarot card shows us a brave young knight dressed up in armor, charging forward astride his white horse. His sword is held aloft in his right hand, pointing upwards as a symbol of his commitment to his mission and purpose. 

The white horse represents the purity of his intentions and his face is resolute as he moves ahead at full speed. His horse’s mane is blown back, and we can see by the way he leans forward in the saddle that he is hyped up and eager. 

In the background, storm clouds are brewing, and the trees are swaying in the wind, showing that he is open to change. The Knight of Swords seems to be in a rush, perhaps even moving into battle, and his red cape flowing behind him lets us know he is fired up with passion. 

Meaning of the Knight of Swords

The meaning of the Knight of Swords is that you need to be bold and assertive to get what you desire. Don’t be afraid to pursue your goals with ardour. Take the risk and make the first move, instead of waiting and longing. 

You can harness this energy in your life by being brave, proactive, and dynamic. Envision the future you want, and then formulate a strategy. Create the life you want with the power of your intention, and then follow through with action. And remember, sometimes we have to temper our strong desires with reason, reality, and a dose of responsibility. 

It is helpful to feel a strong desire for things, as this motivates us to take prompt action, however without careful thought and planning, we can tend to become reckless or blinded to the potential pitfalls. Sometimes we need to slow down, prepare ourselves, and ponder on the consequences before rushing forward.  

In readings, the Knight of Swords reminds us to consider others, take our time, breathe, and let things unfold naturally. Courage and ambition can get you far, but intellect, planning, collaboration, and preparation will get you even further. 

If the Knight of Swords is another person in your reading, they may be an adult (20-35 years) who is talkative, quick-witted, rebellious, and bold. It might represent someone heading towards you, perhaps looking for a fight, defending your honor, or trying to sweep you up in enthusiasm for a project, idea, or cause. 

As an outcome, the Knight of Swords can indicate getting what you want but not feeling entirely satisfied. This may be because you do not stop to savor the victory or bask in the moment. 

When the Knight of Swords lands in the past position, the foundation of your situation might be rooted in some kind of hasty actions you took at that time. 

Interpretation of the Knight of Swords

A girl holding tarot cards in her hands

In a general context, the Knight of Swords is a card of change, it tells you that a big change or opportunity is coming and that you need to get ready to take action to move things forward. 

Upright Knight of Swords


It’s time to seize the moment! Get ready for action, and prepare to be assertive, daring, bold, and brave, as you move towards victory and success. 

Your greatest superpower right now is your ambition, determination, strength, and willingness to fight for what you want. Be single-minded in your pursuit of glory, and don’t let fear or others’ opinions hold you back. 

You may have been waiting some time for this opportunity, so be ready to go after it when it appears. Be assertive, know your worth, and push through any hesitation or fear. 

The Knight of Swords suggests that you have the ability to combine your ambition with single-minded determination, you can get whatever you want. Nothing will phase you, or stop you, so the message is to forge ahead. You have what it takes, and can use your intellectual power to make others sit up and take notice. 

The Knight of Swords can sometimes suggest that you have the courage of your convictions, great leadership qualities and that you are talkative, hard-working and self-assured.  

Love and Relationships

In love and relationships, the Knight of Swords is difficult to pin down. He needs a lot of intellectual stimulation, and he can quickly grow bored or restless if things are not moving quickly enough. He is not overly expressive romantically, preferring to look for deep conversation and a sense of excitement, and he can even be reckless and domineering. 

If you are asking about a partnership, he may signal a need to be brave, bold, or direct with your lover, and you might also need to decide where your relationship is headed. You could be moving into a brand new relationship or moving an existing one to the next level.

There may be changes afoot in your partnership, and there could even be coming and going. Expect movement, drama, and a resolve to any situations, especially if you grab a solution with both hands. Don’t let the sun go down on amy conflict, make time to discuss your thoughts and feelings and work together to form a plan of action. 

If you are single, the Knight of Swords can mean you will meet someone who is daring, adventurous, exciting, and enthusiastic, so get ready to be swept off your feet. It is also a good time to take action yourself, by making plans to celebrate or socialize. 

Career and Creativity

The Knight of Swords is a positive omen for going after something you want professionally. It’s a good time for study, further training, promotion, management, or a new exciting project. Be determined, steadfast, and bold and show that you have what it takes to be a winner. 

Tap into the energy of the Knight of Swords to fuel your ambition, drive and determination and show the world what you are made of. Time waits for no man, says the Knight of Swords, so buckle up, adjust your armor, and head into the action to show off your skills. 

There could be change around you, such as a company merger or restructure, or you could be swapping your current role for something better suited to your skillset. Seize opportunities as they arise, and be confident and assertive when stating your case. The Knight of Swords says you got this!

In a career reading the Knight of Swords can be a champion, fighter, or hero, so you may be into sports, the military, or physically active roles where you can display your bravado and strength. 

If the Knight of Swords is you, you might be taking action on a new job, project, collaboration, idea, system, or program that will further your ambition and facilitate the growth of your business.  

Personal Growth

In terms of personal growth and development, the Knight of Swords can represent lots of communication and a surge of energy at your disposal. It can indicate positive change is on the horizon and that you will soon see developments and chances to progress things forward. 

Reversed Knight of Swords

The reversed Knight of Swords doesn’t quite hit the target. Something is off, perhaps it is missed opportunities, slow reactions, delays, being left behind, or feeling impulsive and reckless. He can indicate burn-out, scattered energy, or not knowing what to do. 


Dealing with the Knight of Swords reversed can be exhausting as he may be ruthless, tactless, insincere or even downright aggressive in his approach. He can represent ill-thought-through behavior, anger, arrogance, pent-up frustration, and change that is unwelcome and turbulent. He might indicate a message you don’t want to hear, or a conversation that ends badly. 

If this is you, the Knight of Swords reversed suggests you may be acting without properly considering the consequences. You may feel restless and unfocused, or out of your depth. There could be fear, trepidation, or a sense of urgency that leads to feelings of panic, or not being adequately prepared. There could even be danger if you do not slow down and think. 

The reverse Knight of Swords can be impulsive, confusing, and difficult to work with as he is not in the mood to cooperate, or compromise. It may be time for a serious conversation, or action plan, to avoid further mishap. 

Above all, this card is a warning against missing opportunities, perhaps even ones you have wanted for a long time. He indicates the timing being off, or something holding you back from striving ahead. Try and identify your stumbling block, so you can deal with it, and get the energy flowing in a positive direction again. 

Love and Relationships

In reverse, the Knight of Swords can point to impatience, quarrels, impulsiveness, and lack of direction. He makes rash decisions and struggles to know where he is headed. 

As a person, the reversed Knight of Swords is someone who can be scandalous, provocative, ungrounded, whimsical, hasty, reckless, and lacking in commitment. They can also be someone who is acting in a way that shows they are scared, immature, aggressive, or weak minded. This could be you, your partner, or a potential love interest, depending on the position in the reading. 

If you are coupled up, it could be that you or your partner are not getting along, or are finding that important projects are stalling or getting snarled up in delays. Try and keep your cool with each other and remember the bigger picture. Make time to communicate, and laugh, and don’t sweat the small stuff. 

For those that are single, a new suitor may be dashing and handsome, but do they show integrity that they have your best interests at heart? Give new relationships time before rushing into commitment. Base your choice of who to love on actions, not words. 

What you can do;

  • Set clear boundaries with partners or dates and don’t rush things
  • Keep your options open if you’re single until you are sure it’s safe to proceed
  • Communicate effectively and let others know you are not a pushover.

Career and Creativity

In a career reading, the Knight of Swords reversed can indicate someone who can be scattered, unfocused, ruthless, ego-driven or reckless. He warns to be considerate to others, and not make any underhand moves to gain advantage. 

It will be important to slow down, plan carefully, think strategically, and recognise your limits, otherwise you may be at risk of mistakes or overwhelm. Take your time, focus on one thing at a time, and prioritize where you put your attention. 

What you can do;

  • Don’t be afraid to go it alone to build up experience, skills and knowledge
  • Accept mistakes are made from time to time and form part of the journey
  • Slow down, plan carefully, and always think things through

Comparing and Contrasting the  Knight of Swords With Two Different Court Cards

Different court cards can give us another level of information on situations, especially when paired with the Knight of Swords. They can uncover delicate nuances and provide better insight into who is who. Together, they uncover new information that helps put the pieces together. 

Compared with the Page of Wands

Page of Wands
Pamela Colman Smith, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

The Knight of Swords is impulsive, energetic, and passionate, just like the Page of Wands, so these two make a great pair. The Page of Wands is Fire energy, and often represents new ideas, sparks of initiative, messages and creation, so when put together these two can be cooking up a storm. 

The Page of Wands is younger, and more easily led than the Knight of Swords, who is Air energy and more inclined to think and plan. They can spark off each other and will work well together, with the Knight of Swords probably taking the lead. 

Compared with the King of Swords

King of Swords
Pamela Colman Smith, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

The King and Knight of Swords come from the same suit, representing the element of Air and thoughts, learning, communication, and planning. 

However, they are miles apart in terms of their development, with the Knight being a card of action, and doing, and the King being more refined, deliberate, and authoritarian in nature. The King is likely older, more experienced, and more senior, but he can learn about enthusiasm and passion from the Knight, and how to put his foot down when he has to. 

The Knight learns about structure, routine, stability, and leadership from interacting with the King of Swords, and as they have the same mindset, they would form a solid partnership. 

The Knight  of Swords in Specific Readings

As with all tarot cards, the Knight of Swords can have different meanings depending on its position in the spread and the question asked. 

Yes-no readings

If you are asking the cards about a choice or decision, the Knight of Swords represents a fairly certain yes, as it represents taking firm and decisive action towards a goal. 

The Knight of Swords suggests success can be attained by being bold and fearless and having the confidence to push yourself forward into the action. 

Love readings

In love, the Knight of Swords suggests fast paced action, like going on lots of dates, or getting to know someone new. For couples, it may mean a busy period of activity and new projects that keep you on your toes. 

As a card of change, it suggests your love life is about to be shaken up. Get ready for plenty of love action, and make sure you are ready to accept invitations. 

Work readings

In a work setting, the Knight of Swords indicates utilizing your strong communication skills and powers of negotiation to bag the role you want. You can use your wit and intellect to impress others and let them know it’s wise to back you. 

Things might be about to change at work with new opportunities, projects and collaborations up for grabs to help you progress up the career ladder. Polish off your resume and get it out there. You could even be headhunted by a prestigious competitor. Anything could happen!

Key Card Combinations

Often we can obtain more insight on the nuances of a situation by combining cards with another for more depth and understanding. As with all tarot combinations, the Knight of Swords with  and  work together to uncover different layers of insight. 

Combined with the Five of Pentacles

The Knight of Swords paired with the Five of Pentacles 

The Knight of Swords together with the Five of Pentacles suggests taking action to put an end to financial hardship or restraint in your life. Perhaps you will go after new jobs that pay more, or you will win backing or sponsorship to advance your career through study or training. 

Whatever you have got going on, make sure you are taking loved ones along for the ride with you. There could be someone who feels left behind or that you don’t have as much time for them as you used to. You could also be helping those in need, via a charity or social cause.

Combined with the King of Pentacles 

Now you are going places! Combined with the King of Pentacles, the Knight of Swords might just have received an amazing offer. It could even signify he is on the road to great wealth and future abundance. This opportunity is golden. 

This combination could also suggest a mentor, a father figure, or offer coming from an older, wealthy man who believes in you. He could be giving you an opportunity to work with him, as he admires your intellect and sharp mind. If I was you, I would say yes. 

Frequently Asked Questions about the Knight of Swords

Does the Knight of Swords Mean an Argument or Conflict?

The Knight of Swords advises that you can avoid conflict by slowing down, planning your moves, and communicating effectively with others. Being gung-ho may appeal to you now, but others may feel defensive or threatened if you don’t keep them informed.

Is the Knight of Swords a Good Suitor in Love?

The Knight of Swords is not particularly soppy or romantic, but he does promise to take action and make a move towards you. He likes to move quickly, so things might take off all of  sudden.

Is the Reversed Knight of Swords a Warning?

Reversed Knight of Swords can warn against rushing headfirst into things without thinking, especially situations that might already be tense or even dangerous. Take a step back and appraise the situation, or even wait a day or two until things cool down. 

You should take care when you get this card in a reading as tempers could flare and you could be on the receiving end. Be cautious around your safety, especially when driving, discussing sensitive issues, or managing someone’s fragile ego. 

What Does Knight of Swords Mean for My Career?

Knight of Swords is a positive career omen as it suggests new opportunities, new ways of working, and getting noticed for your performance.Be bold and put your best foot forward.

Conclusion on the Knight of Swords

The Knight of Swords is gallant, bold, direct and ready. He is not lingering at the back, or loafing around on the sidelines, he is right at the front, leading the way into the heart of the action. 

Brave and fearless as any warrior, he is rushing in to save the day. He has thought it through, and this is his plan of action. Nothing or nobody can stop him or get in his way. His adrenaline is pumping, and he is leaping forward, with his energy off the charts as he faces every opponent.

Getting this card in a reading suggests you can take successful action now and sort something out for good. There could be something worth fighting for, so you know what you have to do. You are not giving up or backing down until you relish the sweet smell of victory. 

As long as you do your planning and preparation, there is no reason why you can’t win any battle.

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