The Queen of Wands – Born to Shine

Tarot cards allow us to decipher their unique messages by studying their imagery and symbolism. One card that oozes power, mystery, sex appeal, and confidence is the Queen of Wands. Everybody talks about her. Let’s explore what it is that makes her such an enigma.

It may be her confidence, the bold way she carries herself, with dignity and determination. Or, perhaps it’s her mature outlook, paired with her exuberant charm, that raises eyebrows. 

Whatever it is, this Queen of Fire has got it going on. She’s dynamic, attractive, capable, and perfectly relaxed. In a reading, she represents finding your inner confidence and enjoying life by grabbing your passions with both hands. 

The key themes for the Queen of Wands are extreme focus, multi-tasking, individuality, assertiveness, confidence, purpose,  creativity, intuition, and finding your inner passion. 

The Queen of Wands is the thirteenth card in the suite of wands, falling just behind her husband, The King of Wands. 

When the Queen of Wands appears, she carries a special message of hope and encouragement. She wants you to use the power of your thoughts to create the life you want. 

However, she isn’t always active, embodying gentle, free-flowing, and adaptable feminine energy. She has mastery over her thoughts, behavior, and responses and handles everything in her own way. Her energy is positive and uplifting, and she represents the epitome of self-control,  poise, and power. 

She knows that whatever she wants, she can manifest it and it will be hers. 

The Queen of Wands Keywords and General Associations

Keywords: Feminine, alluring, charismatic, confident, inspiring, determined, passionate, organized, efficient, mothering, fertile, creative, sexy, mysterious, magnetic.

Element: Fire (and secondary of Water as she is a Queen) 

Planet: Jupiter (also could be Sun due to her light, and the sunflowers) 

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius (can also be Aries or Leo)

Detailed Description of the Queen of Wands Card

Queen of Wands
Pamela Colman Smith, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

The Queen of Wands is pictured in the Rider-Waite-Colman deck as seated on her throne, looking to the left. Her throne is decorated with lions facing which face opposite directions, showing her strength. The back of her throne has no top, like her endless possibilities.  

She is adorned with sunflowers, one in her hand, on her crown and throne, symbolizing her positivity and light. In her right hand, she holds her wand, sprouting at the top, showing her dreams springing to life. 

At her feet sits a black cat, demonstrating her connection to spirituality, the occult, her intuition, her sleek independence, and her shadow side. It is also said to show that luck favors her. 

Meaning of the Queen of Wands

The Queen of Wands is a warrior; strong, brave, and courageous, and she exudes confidence. 

She has so many qualities that inspire others to be like her. She has optimum self-control, and absolute mastery over her reactions, schedule, kingdom, and just about everything going on in her life. With impressive ease, she juggles and manages to get it just right, all with a smile. 

She is usually well put together and full of creative vision that attracts others towards her like a beacon. She is naturally giving and helpful, and her friendly manner makes her popular and influential.

Usually, when she shows up, she urges you to be more confident and stand tall and proud in your accomplishments. She wants to inspire you to take ownership of your thoughts, ideas, and aspirations so that you can wait and watch for opportunities to create them. 

As another person in a reading, she is someone older, with extreme focus and a warm, giving, passionate nature. She can be bold, direct, and courageous, and always stands up for others. She is a good ally or mentor to follow as she is wise, mature, and supportive. 

If the Queen of Wands is the outcome card for a reading, it is a good sign of a positive outcome as she signifies the epitome of success and getting what you want in life. 

Interpretation of the Queen of Wands

In the upright position, the Queen of Wands is an inspiring leader and the kind of woman everyone wants to be. She has reached the pinnacle of success and enjoys her life while bringing her unique message to the world to be yourself. 

Upright Queen of Wands


The Queen of Wands is a go-getter, a mover, a shaker, and someone who influences others with her vision, purpose, and wisdom. 

She is comfortable being the center of attention and loves meeting new people. Always on the go, with many balls in the air, she relishes organizing and taking charge. She also enjoys helping others and is strong, fearless, and passionate about things she believes in. 

Love and Relationships

Two person holding hands

In a love reading, the Queen of Wands is passionate, adventurous, exciting, and attractive. With her in your life, you will see vital seeds of growth and optimism. She makes things happen, usually good things, so expect an upswing in the tempo of your love life. 

If you are the Queen of Wands, you feel sexy and powerful and can easily attract new suitors if you’re single. When in a relationship, you might bring the spark back between you by trying new things and enjoying some quality time or fun outings. 

If the Queen of Wands is a partner or potential suitor, they will be fun-loving, fiery, confident, and exciting. They will change your life for the better. 

Career and Creativity

In a career reading the Queen of Wands is an excellent indicator of success and a growth in your confidence at work. You will be more willing to take center stage or move into a more prominent, senior, or front-facing position. Your glow-up will be getting noticed too, with plenty of accolades and chances to progress. 

You may have a lot on your plate, but you are rising to the challenge and getting things done. You will be interested in new projects and perhaps new business ideas and others will want to collaborate with you. The Queen of Wands is a sign to dream bigger. 

Personal Growth

Your personal growth is about to be displayed for all to see, and admire. You don’t get to become a Queen if you haven’t done the work, including deep introspection, and mastery of self. This is a high-level accolade, and a time to celebrate your achievements and even show them off a little. 

You are about to step forward into a busy time of feeling good and knowing what you are worth. You will see evidence with quality offers and valid opportunities to move your goals into sharper focus. Stay determined, and motivated, walk tall, and soon you will enjoy more growth and abundance than ever before. It is time to embrace your full potential. You have made it. 

Reversed Queen of Wands


In reverse, the Queen of Wands tends to get a lot of flack. This is probably because her inverted persona can be quite a contrast to her upright, in that she can be sneaky, underhand, and difficult. 

She can also be chaotic, hot-tempered, or forgetful. If she is having a really bad day she can even be patronizing and a diva, demanding attention and causing problems with her attitude. In reverse, she tries to control things, and can even become her own worst enemy, by getting in her own way and exasperating others with her drama. 

Love and Relationships

Reversed Queen of Wands in a love reading may appear as a reminder to develop your inner confidence and perhaps even do some shadow work. 

In reverse, she can indicate deceitfulness, jealousy, and petty arguments. Take her as an indicator that you may need to check your attitudes and behavior, and ensure you have a healthy balance in different areas of your life. For example, if you have been working long hours, make some time for your partner and focus on them. 

What you can do;

  • Set boundaries in relationships and be clear about needs and expectations
  • Work on surrendering any need to control what might happen, and practice living in the moment
  • Schedule some time to pamper yourself and recharge your batteries 

Career and Creativity

In career readings, the reversed Queen of Wands indicates having too much pressure, feeling unequipped to deal with challenges, too many deadlines, or having an unsupportive boss. She suggests you’re not feeling your best and may lack energy, feel frustrated, or feel you have taken on too much. 

What you can do;

  • Allow yourself to step back and feel more introverted for a while
  • Avoid seeking validation from others and find ways to self-soothe
  • Focus on rediscovering your strengths and talents. Consider what brings you joy
  • Find ways to recharge, meditate, and rest more. Realign your power

Comparing and Contrasting the Queen of Wands with two different court cards

Different court cards can give us another level of information on situations, especially when paired with the Queen of Wands. They can uncover delicate nuances and provide better insight into who is who. Together, they uncover new information that helps put the pieces together. 

Compared with the King of Wands

King of Wands
Pamela Colman Smith, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

The King and Queen of Wands are a matching pair or counterparts in the tarot. They are a power couple and tend to be always on everyone’s guest list as they are fun, dynamic, and exciting to be around. 

As the leading masculine and feminine energy of the Wand suite, when in balance they should complement each other perfectly. The masculine takes the visionary, motivational,  and long-range view, and the feminine is more flowing, nurturing, and inward. 

Together, they are the perfect example of a fun-loving couple who give each other space and independence. Neither get clingy or needy and both can self-regulate their own emotions. A marriage or relationship they represent will be fun, spontaneous, trusting, and passionate. 

Whenever they appear together, you have the perfect recipe to create magic. It should be a time of innovation, high-level energy, new partnerships, and balance. You can not only dream the dream, but you can also go out there and achieve it, too. 

Compared with the Knight of Cups

Knight of Cups
Pamela Colman Smith, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

This combination is romantic, especially in a love reading. The Knight of Cups could represent someone with a strong interest in the Queen of Wands, and there could be an upcoming invitation, flirtation, or declaration of interest. 

Depending on the type of reading, question asked and card positioning, this combination suggests some sort of emotional interaction for the Queen of Wands, in the near future. There could be a date night or get-together, and it is likely to be an occasion where feelings are expressed and tender moments shared. 

Queen of Wands isn’t overly emotional but paired with this card, she may be about to let her guard down and unleash her deeper feelings.  There will be a blending of her usual direct and fiery approach with a more intuitive, emotional, and compassionate demeanor. 

The Queen of Wands in Specific Readings

Cards may have different meanings depending on the question asked and the type of reading. Your reader will interpret them based on these and other factors, but here are some basic meanings for the Queen of Wands in specific types of readings. 

Yes-no readings

The Queen of Wands usually means ‘yes’. This is because she is high-ranking, signifying power and success. She represents confidence and love of life, so she is a good sign you will be feeling pretty pleased with yourself soon. 

Queen of Wands is also a good sign that others are admiring you, so if your question is ‘Did I get the job?’ or ‘Does he/she like me?’ the answer is yes. 

Love readings

In a love reading, the Queen of Wands is a positive omen of improvements on the horizon. 

She represents happiness, curiosity, openness, and expressing yourself, so her placement in a reading may indicate a positive upturn in your attitude. She can also indicate attractiveness, so if you are single it is a good sign to get back out there as you will have no shortage of suitors.

The Queen of Wands is also very fertile, an indicator to allow things to bloom in your life. Whether starting a family, a new creative project, or finding more joy in your current partnership, this card signifies the onset of blossoming abundance and satisfaction.  

Work readings

When the Queen of Wands shows up in a career reading, there can be two possible meanings;

  1. She represents an older figure, boss, or mentor who can help open doors for you and guide you toward more success and fulfillment.
  2. She represents you, allowing your creativity to soar and walking tall in your accomplishments. 

In either case, she usually means good news on the career front. She can herald promotions, leadership, increased creative output, new business ideas, and financial gain. She has deep reserves and inner strength, determination, and willpower, so follow her lead and create whatever your heart desires. 

Key Card Combinations

Often we can obtain more insight on the nuances of a situation by combining cards with another for more depth and understanding. As with all combinations, the Queen of Wands with Strength and Four of Wands work together to uncover different layers of insight. 

Combined with the Strength card

The Queen of Wands is already badass, but coupled with the Strength card, she takes it to a whole new level. This combo could show up when you have a particular battle or challenge coming up and reassures you that you will have victory. 

You should soon feel a surge of inner strength and outer dynamic energy that will fuel you. You may need tact and diplomacy or there could be a need to show patience and restraint, at least while you get your ducks in a row. Allow your inner strength and wisdom to dictate your actions. 

Combined with the Four of Wands

Queen of Wands combined with Four of Wands could indicate home renovations, moving, redecorating, and building a happy home life. It could also mean marriage, engagement, or the next level in a partnership, like moving in together. You could also be about to meet someone new, who will become very important in your life. 

It signals a time of achievement, celebration, and happiness, and of enjoying rewards for your hard work. It could represent taking a breather from work and leaning into a period of relaxation, socializing, or perhaps a holiday. The Queen of Wands is a card of confidence and success and the Four of Wands is a card of celebration and reaching an important milestone. Tching! 

Frequently Asked Questions about the Queen of Wands

Why does the Queen of Wands sometimes get a bad rap?

In reverse, the Queen of Wands can be flighty, fickle, and flirtatious. She gets a bad rap as she can display negative attributes such as selfishness or bossyness. She can be a busybody, gossip, or troublemaker, and as a partner, boss, or authority figure, she can be demanding, controlling, or manipulative.

Even in the upright, she could make other women jealous of her, and not everyone can take to her bold, direct, and no-nonsense approach. She is take-it-or-leave-it and owns her decisions, so she doesn’t worry about this or modify herself to fit in.

Is the Queen of Wands in reverse a bad omen for my career?

The Queen of Wands in reverse warns you not to take on more than you can comfortably manage. She could also represent an overbearing boss or authority figure that requires careful handling. She may show up in reverse to urge you to be more confident and believe in yourself more.

Does Queen of Wands have any warnings for me?

Queen of Wands can warn against over-spending or over-indulgence. You could also be too independent, so remember to include others in your plans. In reverse, she warns against arrogance, cockiness, vanity, and trying to control outcomes too tightly.

Is the Queen of Wands a good love card?

Yes, the Queen of Wands is a good love card to get as she is fun, attractive, spontaneous, and in demand. Others are naturally drawn to her, so she indicates you can easily meet new friends and lovers now.

Conclusion on the Queen of Wands

The Queen of Wands lives life to the full, without apologizing to anybody. She has worked hard to get where she is, and she isn’t about to let anyone knock her down anytime soon. 

She isn’t scared of anything, as she has fought her battles and learned success means determination, willpower, dedication, self-reflection, and a stroke of luck from the cosmos. Lastly, she has taken the time to fine-tune these qualities, giving her ultimate faith in herself and her position. 

Her vibrant energy reminds us all to embrace our uniqueness and take full ownership of our dreams. Whether it concerns love, career, or personal growth, she encourages us to radiate positivity to attract what we desire. 

Her message is to stay determined and believe in your worth; allowing yourself to radiate with confidence and an inner knowing that what you want is already yours.

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