The Knight of Wands – The Romantic Hero

Tarot cards can be separated into Major Arcana, and Minor Arcana. The court cards within the minor arcana can often represent people. The Knights signify action takers, as they can make things happen, whereas the ideas come from Pages. The suite of Wands is fire energy – imaginative, passionate, and transformative. 

The Knight of Wands can be described as raw, primordial energy seeking a creative outlet. Put simply, he is ready to take off in hot pursuit of his ideas. Charged up with enthusiasm, he is coming to take the world by storm. Nothing can stand in his way. 

This means the Knight of Wands usually shows up when we are ready to get something going. 

Key themes for the Knight of Wands are passion, initiative, innovative new projects or business proposals, excitement, adventure, and foreign travel. 

This card is the twelfth card in the suite of Wands. 

The Knight of Wands might make an appearance when we are about to take off in passionate pursuit of a new venture, idea, or project. We could even be about to set off on an actual journey. This will be something we have longed to do and may represent the epitome of excitement whenever we think about it.

In a reading, the Knight of Wands says our tickets are booked, our bags packed, and we are about to depart. We are full of apprehension, and some trepidation, but mostly just exhilaration because the fateful day is finally here. 

The Knight of Wands Keywords and General Associations

Keywords: Masculine, charismatic, confident, determined, passionate, creative, sexy, exciting, travel, exploration, exhilaration, mission, hero, bravado, energy, impulsive. 

Element: Fire 

Planet: Jupiter 

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius (can also be Aries or Leo)

Detailed Description of the Knight of Wands Card

Knight of Wands
Pamela Colman Smith, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

The Knight of Wands is pictured raring to go, astride his horse which is rearing up for action. Wearing full armor, he holds his sprouting wand in his right hand, showing he is ready for battle. 

He also wears a yellow robe, decorated with salamanders, showing his fiery nature. His helmet is red, and fiery plumes flow from it, showing he is in constant momentum. 

The background is hot, dry, and barren, as in all the Wands suite of cards. 

Meaning of the Knight of Wands

The Knight of Wand’s meaning is the time has come to take action. 

Anyone can talk about their dreams or ideas, but at some point, you have to make it happen. The Knight of Wands says it is time for the actual pursuit of your idea, so a period of intense activity and rapid development is about to move you forward in leaps and bounds. 

The Knight of Wands is masculine energy that is fired up, and full of enthusiasm, motivation, and passion. He is bold and courageous and ready to explore unknown territories. He attempts his mission with valor, and eagerness, and the thrill of conquering danger spurs him onwards. 

Furthermore, he is ready to take on the world! He will stop at nothing to achieve his goal and realize his potential. He acts first and thinks later, driven by adrenalin and his desire for action. In a reading, his meaning can vary, but it usually specifies an injection of enthusiasm and energy. 

Interpretation of the Knight of Wands

Knight of Wands is masculine, fiery energy, usually younger, around 20-35 years. He is usually considered attractive, charming, enterprising, and impulsive. 

Upright Knight of Wands


When the Knight of Wands appears, it’s usually time for action. You are about to take off in pursuit of a victory, or possibly you’ll be going on an adventure. You are brimming with enthusiasm and zest for life. Potential challenges do not deter you.  

You may be about to start something new, such as a project or hobby. There is a fire lit within you, and you just can’t wait to get started. You are ready to unleash your pent-up energy and give this your full and undivided attention. 

Love and Relationships

A couple sitting in a ground

Your love life is about to take off in a big way, with an injection of passion, excitement, exploration, and ardent pursuit. This could even be the ride of your life. If you have been asking for more spontaneous fun and adventure, you got it. Buckle up. 

Some refer to the Knight of Wands as fickle in love or a player. The problem is, that he tends to see himself as loyal and ready to help those he deems worthy, and this means he is often called away at a moment’s notice on some quest to be the hero, a challenge he relishes. 

In a potential love, he will be exciting and promise adventure. It may be just the kind of relationship you need right now, so don’t be too quick to write him off. Or he might represent a big influx of attention from your partner, and a desire to work on your partnership. 

Career and Creativity

In a career reading the Knight of Wands means big business ideas are taking shape, and you could be exploring new ventures, new landscapes and territories, and new horizons. 

Maybe you’ll be changing jobs, traveling for work, or taking on new work roles and projects. You are, or soon, will be, feeling at the top of your game, with enthusiasm and motivation as your guiding force to get things moving. You are done with talking, planning, and strategizing and want to get the ball rolling. 

Personal Growth

Your personal growth is about to shoot off like a rocket, with a period of sustained growth and exploration. You might even be spoilt for choice at the opportunities and blessings opening up around you. It is time to launch your dreams. 

People are drawn to you now, as you gather momentum and take the lead on initiating.  Your energy is off the charts, and you are manifesting by taking risks and leaping ahead. You are feeling good to go. 

Reversed Knight of Wands


When in reverse, the Knight of Wands feels thwarted in his efforts. He may think things are moving too slowly and this causes frustration.  Red tape, unnecessary delays, and constant input from others may have him in a tailspin. He might even feel as if he’s just not getting anywhere. 

He can also show up to warn of a daredevil or rebel, someone with a lack of self-discipline or a chip on their shoulder. Convinced they are right, this person can cause drama and problems. He may be instigating change that others are trying to resist or need longer to get used to. 

The Knight of Wands reversed can also mean canceled plans or travel arrangements. 

Love and Relationships

For the reversed Knight of Wands in relationships, things might be feeling rocky. As a love prospect, he comes and goes and isn’t too fond of commitment or settling down anytime soon. He is the proverbial rolling stone, gathering no moss, as he flits about living purely for the moment. 

He could be over-confident, over-promising, and apt to leave a trail of disappointed hearts. His actions might not always make sense, as he can fail to think things through. He can be rash, unpredictable, excitable, and cocky. He could even be headed for a fall unless he puts the brakes on. 

What you can do;

  • Exercise patience in love at this time and don’t rush, or be rushed, into anything 
  • Be alert for commitment-phobe red flags with new suitors and take it slow
  • If Knight of Wands is you, don’t over-promise and keep hold of your integrity
  • Find ways to bring back fun and adventure if your relationship has got stale or boring
  • Don’t react instantly or get frustrated at factors that are beyond your control

Career and Creativity

If you asked about your career and got the Knight of Wands reversed, expect delays and setbacks for a short while. The pace may slow temporarily while things get ironed out, this is sometimes necessary. Try not to feel frustrated or irritated, and the delays will soon resolve themselves. 

Another factor when you see this card in career readings is having the dedication to finish what you start. You could have multiple projects on the go, and be unable to close one thing out before the next challenge takes you off somewhere else.

Alternatively, you could be lacking direction, feeling bored at work, and seeming unreliable, or uninterested. You may feel stifled by routine and be longing for a change. If there is a lack of progression, you may feel restricted, unmotivated, or held back. 

What you can do;

  • Make sure the most important tasks get priority so you feel more organized
  • Build in extra time for delays so projects stay on track 
  • Look at other ways to pursue your passion and adjust your path if needed 
  • Slow down and make sure you relax sometimes
  • Explain to others you have a lot on, and enlist more support 
  • Avoid harsh self-criticism and remember you don’t have to do everything at once

Comparing and Contrasting the Knight of Wands with two different court cards.

Different court cards can give us another level of information on situations, especially when paired with the Knight of Wands. They can uncover delicate nuances and provide better insight into who is who. Together, they uncover new information that helps put the pieces together. 

Compared with the King of Cups

King of Cups
Pamela Colman Smith, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

This combination suggests there is a need to balance deep emotion with taking action. Perhaps strong feelings need an outlet, and you could create an opportunity for meaningful connection. Emotional intelligence may be needed, or you may wish to take some time to make sure you are emotionally secure and on the same page before making firm commitments. 

As a partnership, this combination is both passionate and emotionally connected, with a need for open communication to keep the equilibrium. The combination may indicate two people in a romantic or business partnership, perhaps with different ages or skill levels. 

There could be an older, more emotionally stable person who helps calm down the younger more impetuous, and impulsive energy, leading by example and helping them see the value in carefully considering their reactions. 

Compared with the Page of Swords

Page of Swords
Pamela Colman Smith, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

The Knight of Wands paired with the Page of Swords is a combination that could relate to getting more information before proceeding. Research, fact-finding, and intellectual clarity may be called for, and you could use your skills of analysis and foresight to plan ahead. 

You may be poised for success, however, the Page of Swords may be very useful in making sure you have covered all your bases with organizing, strategizing, and honing your vision. He will take the time to check all the final details and combined with the Knight of Wands passion and drive, this will ensure complete success. 

The Knight of Wands in Specific Readings

Yes-no readings

The Knight of Wands is ‘maybe’ moving towards a ‘yes’ card. He represents strong passionate urges and taking action, charging forward, so any project or relationship you are thinking of when you pull this card is about to take off. Just make sure you continue to put the effort in over time. 

Love readings

Your love life is about to receive a turbo boost of passion and excitement. Fasten your seatbelt for an exhilarating ride of fun and adventure that will leave you breathless. 

Work readings

You are about to be launched forward, straight into your dream. The ideas you have been percolating are ready to explode, and it is now time to act to make it happen. 

No matter where you think you’re at, just start from there, and start now. It’s a good time to seize the moment, allowing events to unfold in perfect timing. Be confident, think big, and things will go much better than expected. Your ventures will be more successful than you had hoped. 

Key Card Combinations

Often we can obtain more insight on the nuances of a situation by combining cards with another for more depth and understanding. As with all combinations, the Knight of Wands with Justice and the Six of Cups work together to uncover different layers of insight. 

Combined with the Justice card

The Justice card is a major arcana, so this signifies fated events that are destined to happen. Could the Knight of Wands have legal issues to deal with? Perhaps a speeding ticket, or some other repercussion for not heeding the advice to slow down. 

Another explanation is that the Knight of Wands faces a big decision, has a wrong to right, or a promise to uphold. This person could be carefully considering their ideology or morals regarding relationships, and be reaching a more mature mindset. They may be considering long-term ramifications for their decisions or actions. 

Combined with the Six of Cups

This combination suggests a decision involving old and new, perhaps in the arena of love and relationships. You could have one very ardent new prospect, an ex, or a long-time friend vying for your attention. The dilemma may relate to work, and a new opportunity versus what you have always done, which requires careful consideration. 

Nostalgia may be a theme, as the Six of Cups can stimulate thinking fondly of the past, and perhaps the past has something to teach you before you proceed any further. You could be reconnecting with someone from the past, and they may have a pattern of coming and going. 

This combination could also suggest moving onto a new phase in life that requires big change, such as leaving your hometown to go off traveling. Although excited about your journey, there is still nostalgia for the lifelong connections and roots being left behind. 

Frequently Asked Questions about the Knight of Wands

Is the Knight of Wands a good love card?

The Knight of Wands is a great love card, especially if you want to re-ignite the spark in your dating life, relationship, or marriage. Book some quality time together, try a holiday, weekend break, spontaneous social event, or surprise getaway.

Is the Knight of Wands Reversed bad news for my career?

Things should be going well in your career, but there may be delays, hold-ups, obstacles, or mix-ups. You might have to be patient a while longer, as there could be red tape to work through before things fall into place.

Another concern with this card in a career spread is not knowing what you are searching for, finding it difficult to commit to a goal, lack of direction, and preferring to live in the moment. Loss of enthusiasm could result, leading to an inability to complete things or stay the course.

What warning does the Knight of Wands bring?

In reverse, he warns against reckless behavior and not thinking things through properly. Make sure you consider the consequences before leaping into action. Just slow down. Try to work through feelings of impatience and avoid rushing headlong into anything new.

Is the Knight of Wands a positive card?

Yes, the Knight of Wands is a positive card as it represents setting off on an exciting journey or voyage of discovery and finally getting to do things you have long felt ready to do. 

Last thoughts on the Knight of Wands

The Knight of Wands is a positive omen of passion, adventure, zest for life, and winning. He represents a time of excitement and promise when things start taking off and new horizons start to beckon. 

There will be no more stagnation or boredom when the Knight of Wands shows up. He is the party starter, the mover and shaker, and the hero who arrives to save the day. He represents a need to explore, travel, and widen your horizons, as well as having passion, courage, and motivation to start new things. 

You may be feeling like you just want to get things done, and you should be charged up and full of life, with lots of energy, enthusiasm, and a feeling that things are about to change. It is seize-the-day energy that propels you into action, giving you wind in your sails and the drive to set off on new ventures.

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