The King of Wands – A Natural Born Leader

In the Minor Arcana, the King of Wands is masculine energy, usually older, knowledgeable, experienced, courageous, and action-orientated. He has mastered various areas of his life, whether that is his skills, career,  talent, life goals, or simply his personality and demeanor. 

He is worldly-wise, with ample expertise and confidence at his disposal. Others look up to him for guidance, and he is usually a strong protector, advisor, and mentor. He can lead others, by sharing his long-range vision, and he easily motivates and inspires others to get on board. 

Key themes for the King of Wands include leadership, courage, success, overcoming challenge, determination, authority, and expertise. He shows up when it is time to step up and claim the rewards of your hard work and persistence. 

The King of Wands is the last card in the Wand’s suite, symbolizing mastery, power, and ultimate wisdom. 

When the King of Wands shows up in a reading, you are being urged to formulate a strategy and utilize your creative vision to achieve success. 

You have what it takes to achieve your goals so step forward with confidence and authority. Whatever situation you are facing, you can take control and be triumphant. Have courage and determination, and don’t give up. Others can help you make your dreams real. 

The King of Wands Keywords and General Associations

Keywords: Alluring, dominant, leader, charismatic, charming, confident, inspiring, determined,  handsome, passionate, protector, ally, mentor, expert. 

Element: Fire

Planet: Jupiter

Zodiac Sign: Leo  (can also be Aries or Sagittarius)

Detailed Description of the King of Wands Card

King of Wands
Pamela Colman Smith, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

In the Rider-Waite-Colman deck, the King of Wands depicts a picture of a King seated upon his throne looking out over his empire. He wears an orange gown, symbolizing fire, passion, creativity, and the manifestation of his sacral chakra energy. His cape is yellow and decorated with salamanders biting their tails, and lions, showing strength, and infinity. 

His gaze is fixed firmly ahead, into the future, and he holds a blossoming wand in his right hand, representing his creativity and ideas.  With his crown securely placed on his head, he proudly displays his masculine strength, power, authority, and leadership. 

Meaning of the King of Wands

The King of Wands speaks of mastery, and reaching the pinnacle of success in your endeavors. 

In readings, it represents strong desires and having the courage and determination to achieve them. It signifies knowing what you want, seeing a way to get it, and then not giving up until you have it in your hands.

This card relates well to leadership and creativity. It shows a vision, a goal, or a new project that you will put your all into. It confirms that you have the expertise needed. You may even be asked to take full responsibility for a project, leading others to achieve greatness. You should embrace this experience. 

If the King of Wands is another person in your reading, it shows someone feisty, independent, charismatic, and successful. They may be a boss or authority figure, or, in a love reading, a protector or potential suitor. They are likely to be very interested in you. 

As an outcome in a reading, the King of Wands is an excellent signifier of success and getting what you want. It urges you to be bold, think of solutions, and take the lead in situations. 

Interpretation of the King of Wands

In the upright, the King of Wands is an older, strong masculine with a clear vision of the future. He is energetic, capable, and ambitious, and knows what he needs to do. 

Upright King of Wands


The King of Wands dominates his environment. In a reading, he represents having real power over a situation. 

Getting this card is an excellent omen of overcoming challenges, especially any you are currently facing. You are advised to be confident, daring, and bold when it comes to taking action. Hone your vision of what you want, and implement a strategy to achieve it. 

You may be taking on more responsibility, or taking the reins in an important project. Although you might feel daunted by this, the King of Wands suggests you have the right blend of skills and expertise to achieve results. You can do it, so believe in yourself. 

Love and Relationships

A couple riding bicycle

In love readings, the King of Wands is passionate and charming. He will pursue his love interest with gusto and enthusiasm, pulling out all the stops to impress and make a favorable connection. 

In a relationship, he is a powerful protector, arduous in his pursuit, and a skilled and masterful lover. He will take the lead in wooing and courting you, and be willing to help and support you. 

He is likely fairly dashing, handsome, and charismatic, too. With his association with Jupiter, he is good-natured and optimistic and promises adventure and excitement. 

Career and Creativity

Getting the King of Wands in a career reading is an excellent omen of success and increased creativity. Your projects will begin to flourish, and you may have to step up to lead others, perhaps in a more senior role than before. 

You have the mastery or expertise you need at your disposal, so step forward with confidence in the coming weeks and months. You have attracted attention in all the right ways, and you will receive accolades and exciting opportunities to display your talents. 

Personal Growth

Your personal growth is about to elevate, with forward momentum, new options, and a newfound sense of confidence that helps you level up. 

You will feel in control as if things are finally taking off, and you should be able to plan for the future with renewed optimism. It is time to embrace your power, enhance your leadership skills, and take a leap of faith, whether personally or professionally.  

Fire energy is excellent for initiating ideas, giving you the spark to ignite your passion and motivation to seek success. Others will be naturally drawn to your light, helping you find supporters, collaborators, and allies, so make the most of your dynamic appeal. 

Alternatively, someone else might be showing up in your life, who will take action and help you in some way. They might make your load lighter by providing just the right sort of assistance, or by guiding you, protecting you, or actively seeking your input. 

Reversed King of Wands


In reverse, the King of Wands tends to lose some of his appeal. As fire energy, he can represent impulsiveness, hot-headedness, arrogance, and rash decisions. He can be self-centered, rude, and controlling, with a tendency towards lack of thought and feeling for others. 

Reversed King of Wands can even display aggressive behavior, wanting to get his own way at all costs, causing him to act with a lack of restraint and dominating tendencies. He can indicate pushy behavior, lack of planning, ruthlessness, and manipulation. 

There may also be a suggestion of someone who doesn’t know what they want. They may be lacking direction, or have scattered attention and little staying power. 

Love and Relationships

Reversed King of Wands in a love reading is a lot to deal with. He represents masculine energy that feels thwarted, out of control, insecure, or uncertain. Possibly experienced as pushy, overbearing, overly opinionated, and prideful. He could be bossy and critical, lacking in focus and direction and he could even be somewhat shifty, a flirt, or even a womanizer. 

Life with him won’t be boring, but in the reverse, he might bring more action than you want to handle. It might be hard to pin him down, and he might just be too much to deal with. 

What you can do

  • Set boundaries with your partner and don’t allow manipulation or control issues
  • If the King of Wands reversed might be you, check for trying to force your ideas onto your partner, even if you think it’s for their good
  • Take time to talk about your needs and expectations regularly so no one feels taken for granted

Career and Creativity

In career readings, the reversed King of Wands shows a lack of leadership and a loss of creative inspiration. In a boss or authority figure, they may be acting in a forceful, domineering way. If the King of Wands is you, you may be feeling thwarted, held back, or as though you are not being given the respect and recognition you deserve. 

If you get this card in a reverse position showing your career itself, you may feel uncertain about a direction to take or where to direct your energy. You may feel like taking a back seat, or be concerned that you have too much responsibility.  You may be used to working alone, and now suddenly find you are in charge of a project involving many people. 

What you can do;

  • Ask for help or management training to help you step into your new leadership duties
  • Find someone you admire as a leader to be your mentor or guide
  • Practice sharing your ideas with others and enlisting their support
  • Find ways to appreciate others’ contributions 
  • Finally, check that you are not being too proud, stubborn, or egotistical 

Comparing and Contrasting the King of Wands with two different court cards.

Different court cards can give us another level of information on situations, especially when paired with the King of Wands. They can uncover delicate nuances and provide better insight into who is who. Together, they uncover new information that helps put the pieces together. 

Compared with the Queen of Pentacles

Queen of Pentacles
Pamela Colman Smith, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

The King of Wands contrasts with the Queen of Pentacles abundantly. He admires her stability and loves her ability to nourish and nurture everything she touches. The King of Wands appreciates a grounded woman like the Queen of Pentacles who can help him by taking care of the practical aspects of life while he oversees the grand vision. 

In terms of elements, the King of Wands is an excitable fire sign, and the Queen of Pentacles is a materialistic earth sign. She takes good care of herself, so she looks good on his arm, and he brings her excitement and adventure. 

These two energies blend well together, especially in terms of creating a long-term relationship and family. They can attract good fortune and support each other in complementary ways. When you get them both in a reading, it suggests your efforts will lead to abundance and a happy home life. Everything just works. 

Compared with the Page of Wands

Page of Wands
Pamela Colman Smith, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

The Page of Wands has a similar energy to the King of Wands as they are both the fire element, however, the King is much more experienced and capable than the Page, who is usually someone much younger.  

Moreover, the Page represents the very beginning stages of a new project or idea, and the King is mastery and culmination of success and growth. The Page is just starting out, full of enthusiasm, but at the very beginning. The King is in charge of a multi-national company with shareholders. 

Taken together, they may relate to critical news or developments, messages, and communication. They could represent new ideas, viewpoints, products, or fresh concepts and inspiration. They could be a younger person, like an apprentice or junior employee. Their input may ignite creative sparks in the boardroom or stimulate dynamic conversations. 

The King of Wands in Specific Readings

Yes-no readings

In a yes/no reading, the King of Wands is a definite ‘yes’. It suggests whatever you are after, you can receive it, with a little determination and a well-thought-out strategy. 

The King of Wands is a determined character, and whatever he wants, he usually gets. He pursues his passions and ambitions with steely determination and doesn’t let anything get in his way. He loves a challenge and is willing to overcome all obstacles to achieve his goals. 

Love readings

In a love reading, the King of Wands is a positive omen that you, or the person you are enquiring about, will take decisive action soon. 

The King of Wands is a passionate man, and he is willing to pull out all the stops in pursuit of his heart’s desire. As a love prospect or potential suitor, he is charming, enigmatic, and romantic. He is fun to be around and keeps life interesting and exciting. 

Furthermore, he is also known to be a great protector and will assume the role of head of the family, ensuring everyone is provided for and safe. He is dependable and loyal, ensuring his partner is well taken care of, and he relishes the challenge of building a firm foundation. 

One problem with the King of Wands in a love reading is he is sometimes overwhelmed by his emotions. He can tend to get in his head about his feelings, and instead of following his heart, he can let logic get in the way and talk himself out of a good thing. 

Work readings

The King of Wands represents wisdom, courage, and stepping up the ladder in your career. You have what it takes, so be bold and direct in going for what you want. Knock on doors and keep knocking, as the King of Wands does not give up easily, or take ‘no’ as an answer. 

Don’t overthink, just go with your gut into what feels good. Your money situation might also be improving, so dress to impress. This should be an exciting period of change, opportunity, and progression in your career. All you need is determination. 

Key Card Combinations

Often we can obtain more insight on the nuances of a situation by combining cards with another for more depth and understanding. As with all combinations, the King of Wands with Eight of Cups and Two of Pentacles work together to uncover different layers of insight. 

Combined with the Eight of Cups

In a love reading, and paired with the Eight of Cups, the King of Wands may be feeling his needs are not being met or that he has outgrown some situations. 

It might be a good idea to schedule some time with your King of Wands, to make sure you are on the same page about how things are going. Sometimes relationships need adjustment, so be willing to listen and compromise to bring back harmony.

If you are the King of Wands, you may feel stifled or smothered, unsatisfied, or out of your depth emotionally. Try and open up to your partner if you value your relationship and have that tricky conversation. It will help you deal with any issues and bond closer. 

On occasion, the King of Wands paired with the Eight of Cups may signify someone who has made up their mind to walk away from some things. They may have taken their time over the decision but be feeling fairly certain that it’s needed. They might even have a new opportunity they are moving towards, one they feel would be more fulfilling. This could be love or career. 

Depending on the question, context, and position of the cards, this combination could have multiple meanings. However at the heart of these may be a period of growth, change, and transition, from one life to another. Whatever is being left behind is that which is no longer needed, as the King of Wands moves forward into his destiny. 

Combined with the Two of Pentacles

The King of Wands with the Two of Pentacles, suggests someone who needs to keep a balance in two or more areas of their life. 

They may be juggling too much, or feeling pressure, and this combination may show up to issue a warning that adjustments are needed. There may be a need to remain flexible and willing to adapt to changing situations, without being too stubborn or rigid. Skill, tact, and diplomacy may also be called for, to renegotiate agreements and maneuver. 

Two of Pentacles coupled with King of Wands might indicate a need to step back and prioritize what is most important among your duties and responsibilities. Delegate where you can, and ask for more time or support if you are feeling pressured. 

Frequently Asked Questions about the King of Wands

Is the King of Wands a good card in romance?

Yes, the King of Wands is a good card in romance as he is loyal, fun, passionate, and eager to please. He is usually an older, more sophisticated man, who knows what he wants and is prepared to take action to get it. He is a protector, nurturer, and guide, and leads the way towards an exciting future.

What does the King of Wands mean for my career?

In a career reading, the King of Wands can indicate promotion, moving into management roles, leadership, new projects, and inspiring others. He is a good sign of moving towards success, and some form of acknowledgment of your hard work and dedication.

Is the King of Wands a positive card?

The King of Wands is a very positive card, indicating strength, courage, and motivation. It usually depicts that you have mastered something successfully, and are ready to level up and progress.

What does King of Wands mean after a break-up?

If the King of Wands appears after a break-up, it is usually a positive omen that things are about to turn around in your love life or healing journey. 

Your ex may be about to take action to reunite, or you could be about to meet a new, charming, and dashing suitor. Either way, this person is going to be very persistent about winning you over, and you will not be left doubting their intentions. 

If the card represents you in a reading, you will not feel down or lacking for long. You will soon have lots going on to interest you, perhaps new social engagements, hobbies, or fun activities that will keep you occupied and busy. You will feel strong and positive about the future. 

Last Thoughts about the King of Wands

The King of Wands is fiery, passionate, fun-loving, and adventurous, and brings life and excitement to any situation. Others can’t help but admire his strength, courage, and confidence. They see he naturally has what it takes to succeed. 

He acts like a typical fire sign guy, in that he lives life at a hundred miles an hour. Pursuing his desires with a bold authority that makes others take notice. He has this certain mature, sophisticated charm coupled with a cheeky, boyish grin, that has people eating out of his hand. 

Not that he isn’t capable, he is a master at his craft. Demonstrating the skill, talent, and expertise that helps him rise to the top. He is likely to be in a senior role in any organization, and he is mature, learned, authoritative, and wise. 

No matter your question, getting the King of Wands in any type of reading is a clear sign to just go for whatever it is that you want. It is a card of believing in yourself and having the courage to step forward and just try.  

The King of Wands message is ‘You can do it.’ 

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